At some point in my career I was overworking to a fault, and ended up so burned out I couldn't paint at all. So I went and travelled across India for some months without touching a pencil or tablet.

When I came back from this amazing experience and was back to freelancing, I wanted something meditative to paint after work, and so I ended up working on this for...about 7 months of evenings...

For most of that time it looked pretty terrible, but I didn't care and so kept trying things until bits of it started coming together. 

I painted it just for myself, and it was so meditative that it didn't occur to me to even post it online until a friend convinced me back then. Now I kinda like it, but most importantly for me, I use it as a reminder to always work in that meditative, selfless way.

Sorry if that was way too much info than you expected, but this piece meant a lot to me. The story is still untold in full, and I'm working on other sequential images for it that will continue to explore that world.

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